Feb 7, Just Another Day in Paradise.

Feb 7, 2020

While walking to school we came across a dog walker walking nine dogs of various sizes.  This was quite interesting to us since although we had seen plenty of dogs and people walking their dogs we had never seen an actual professional dog walker in San Miguel.  Considering how narrow some of the sidewalks were, it could not be easy walking nine dogs.  The dog walker was walking at a very brisk pace though and the dogs were all well behaved.

One morning as we walked to school we came across a dog walker walking 9 dogs.

After school Holly wanted to try a Mexican Buffet so we walked to a nearby restaurant that had buffet lunch for 130 pesos per person.  However the buffet was disappointing with the best thing being the made to order omelet.  After lunch and a bit of homework we walked to the nearby artist’s street which was having some sort of grand opening art event that promised free food and cocktails.  There were actually only a few five or ten stores open but we did enjoy the food and cocktails. We even found a small rug for outside of our motorhome.

There is art everywhere in San Miguel. We found this interesting skeleton statue in the lobby of a hotel.

Afterwards we went to the Fabrica La Aurora, a former textile factory turned into an art gallery shopping center.  The factory had been partitioned off into dozens of spaces, each of which was selling different art.  We wandered around for a while enjoying all the different art and decorations for sale. We also ran into Lea who’s son Rocky was taking an art class.  I had never met Lea before but Olivia had played with her son Rocky yesterday at the park.  Funny how Olivia is meeting more people than we were!  Lea was a single mom who had recently moved to San Miguel. The weather had returned to its normal excellent with highs in the high 70’s and we were planning to go back to the water park so we invited Lea to join us on Sunday and we exchanged phone numbers.

There are many murals on the walls around town.

We couldn’t stay long a the Fabrica because we had to get back for Olivia’s tennis lesson but we will certainly return to the Fabrica another day.   






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