Feb 8, Marrying for Money.

Feb 8, 2020

Olivia’s tennis instructor asked to move her lesson from her normal 6:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  We were fine with that since it would be cooler.  Since we were going to the water park tomorrow we stayed home most of the day.  Holly wanted some more tuna Chili Rellenos from the La Comer Supermarket so we walked there for dinner.  However there was not a lot of fresh hot food at 5:00 and they only had cheese Chili Rellenos.  We made do though and got an assortment of warm foods including some roast chicken, the cheese Chili Rellenos and some fried pig skin.  The roast chicken was actually pretty good.  Afterwards we went to the Liverpool Mall.  Holly wanted to get a small BBQ grill she had seen there the last time we were there but they no longer had the grill.  Instead Holly bought some groceries while Olivia and I had an ice cream Sunday.  The McDonald’s was closed for remodeling so we got some ice cream then Olivia played with some local kids in the mall courtyard while Holly chatted with the owners of the Chinese food stand.

Olivia loves her Ice cream!

During the course of their conversation the owner said he wanted to go to the United States.  He wanted Holly to help him find someone to marry in order to get a Green Card.  She would also need to help him find someone to marry his wife as well. He was willing to pay US$30,000 to someone to marry him and his wife. Anyone interested in earning a very slow and complicated buck?

Despite the several movies with happy endings trying to defraud the US government it would be a very risky and silly to attempt a fake marriage to get a green card and $30,000 is nowhere near enough money to justify the trouble and the risk.  If you want to do it right, consider that you would have to live with someone for at least 3 years. Then you need to mix your assets.  Your money is their money, your stuff is your stuff.  Then you are committing a federal crime in lying to the government. It would be much better if he just went through a legitimate route such as an investment visa.






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