Feb 9, Return to Xote Waterpark

Feb 9, 2020

It was a bright, warm day with highs forecasted in the high 70’s, a perfect day for the Xote Holidome water park.  Sophia and her mother Claudia from the RV park were going to us.  Lea and her son Rocky would meet us there.  Jim and his family would meet us there too. This worked out well since we could take an Uber out to the water park and Sophia’s dad could bring us back in his truck.  So at 11:30 we all piled into an Uber for the 148 peso ride out to the park. 

This time the park had a few more but still not many people.  We went immediately to the warmest top pools where we found Jim and his family were already there.  Lea and Rocky showed up a few minutes later.  Since it was lunch time I immediately went to the restaurant and got us hamburgers, cheese quesadillas and a hot dog.  This time there was no special deal so it came out to 175 pesos or around US$10 which was a still a screaming deal for a waterpark considering a single hamburger could cost that much in a US waterpark. 

There were more people at the pool this time.

After a quick lunch we all jumped in the pool.  The adults lounged around while the kids went on the waterslides and splashed around the big pool.  Strangely enough Olivia quickly made friends with a local girl and played with her instead of playing with the English speaking friends that had come with us.  On one hand it was a bit annoying since she was not playing with the kids that had come to join us in the waterpark but on the other hand it was great seeing her play and communicate with a local Spanish speaking kid.

As always Olivia had a great time with Sophie (left) and a new friend she met at the park.
We met up with our friend Leia at the Xote water park.

Our Spanish was still not good enough to have any sort of real conversation with Claudia and she spoke very little English but we did have a good chat with Lea.  She was a single mom who worked as a personal style consultant.  She was able to do her work remotely advising people what to wear and buy.  She mostly worked with old clients from the US since there was not a huge demand for personal style consultants among the retirees in San Miguel.

All in all it was another good day at the waterpark.






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