Feb 10, Taco Monday

Feb 10, 2020

This is our last week of school.  School ends on Friday and our time at the RV park ends on Wednesday.  Next Wednesday we will leave San Miguel and look for new places to explore.  More about our plans later but for now it was our regular walk to school, lessons and back to the RV park for more homeschooling for Olivia. 

For dinner we decided to go out for tacos.  There are several cheap taco places near the San Miguel RV park.  They have plain Al Pastor tacos for as low as 7 pesos each.  We walked to one of the nearby places and started by ordering two plain Al Pastor tacos for 7 pesos each, three more with cheese for 10 pesos each, and a steak taco with cheese plate that came with a drink for a hefty 65 pesos.  The Al Pastor tacos were as good as expected and steak tacos had two tacos that came piled high with steak and cheese over three small tortillas.  There was so much meat and cheese that it was impossible to pick up so I divided the meat and ended up with six small tacos.

We managed to polish off a lot of tacos and spend almost US$10.
At less than 50 cents a taco they were delicious and affordable.

We finished those off and got another set of two plain Al Pastor and three more Al Pastor with cheese tacos.  The total bill came out to less than US$10.  It was a beautiful, balmy night so we walked to the little church behind our RV park and found they were having evening service.  There we got an ice cream to share.  Olivia saw some kids sliding down the bannisters outside the church and had to join in.  It was really nice because back in California we would rarely just go out and wander around in the evening.






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