Feb 11, 12 Baja Fish Tacos

Feb 11, 2020

Another regular school day.  The only special thing we did was we played Uno as a family for the first time.  Olivia loved the game and learned the rules quick.  Since we are leaving next week we have to start thinking about our departure and where we are going next.  Our class ends on Friday and we won’t leave until Wednesday so we will have a few days do anything we haven’t done yet in San Miguel.  On our list is going to the botanical garden, the toy museum and a walking tour. 

After we leave San Miguel we haven’t decided if we will go the nearby city of Guanajuato and then we will go east to Santiago de Querétaro where we heard there is a Costco.  OK, perhaps Costco is not a very glamourous destination but we hope to stock up on some stuff and it is on the way.  After that we continue East to the Sierra Gordo region, in the State of San Luis Potosi.  This is a renowned natural area with jungles, waterfalls, white water rafting, caves, zip lines and other adventures.  We will visit Las Pozas, the estate of a wealthy British eccentric which is now a park.  From there we will head south to the resort Grutas Totantongo which has some impressive pools.  Next stop is Mexico City after which we will continue south to Oaxaca before turning east to the Yucatan peninsula.

Feb 12, 2020

After school we went to the Baja Fish Taco restaurant for lunch.  Several people we had met had recommended the place and Lonely Planet had a recommendation too.  Since it was pretty much on our way home we had to give it a try. The entrance is a nondescript door leading to a space the size of a large walk in closet with a narrow set of stairs leading up to a rather nice rooftop balcony. 

When you enter the Baja Fish restaurant you find a small claustrophobic space with set of narrow stairs going up.
The upstairs patio was small but nice.
Upstairs the restaurant had a nice airy patio.

We ordered a fish taco, a combo plate with a grilled shrimp taco, a shrimp burrito and a shrimp ceviche tostada.  Olivia hates seafood so she got chicken nuggets and fries.  I must stay the shrimp taco and shrimp burrito were absolutely delicious.  They were so good I ordered an extra shrimp taco which this time came with fried shrimp and it was great too.  Total bill came out to around 350 pesos or US$15.  A little expensive by Mexican standards but a great change of pace from the standard Al Pastor tacos. 

I ordered a combo with a fish taco, grilled shrimp taco and a shrimp burrito including a drink for 160 pesos or about US$9. Each item was more delicious than the last.
The restaurant was near the central area and overlooked a busy street.






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