Feb 13 and 14. Valentines!

Feb 13 and 14, 2020

On Thursday we did our normal schedule of school and going home.  We were planning on going to Deya’s house to have a double date with them on Valentines Day.  Deya said she might be able to get a babysitter for all three kids.  On the way home we bought some candy to give Deya and as a thank you gift for our teachers.  We found this cute little candy store that enticed us in with free samples and we ended up buying $40 worth of candy. After that I took Olivia to the park while Holly went home first to make dinner.

On Friday we had our last day of school.  Or at least Holly and I did.  Olivia’s teacher had a doctor’s appointment so she did not have class but would make it up on Saturday.  Since we didn’t have to wait for Olivia we left school right after our class ended at 11:00 and went directly to Deya’s house.  Unfortunately we found out that Deya’s babysitter was going out with her boyfriend so no babysitting.   Holly had promised to cook a spicy Chinese seafood stew for Deya’s family for lunch.  We also brought along some Chinese sausage or as Rameses, Deya’s husband called it, Chinese Chorizo.  It was a good thing to as the seafood stew was really spicy so Olivia and I settled for just rice and Chinese sausage.

Holly made a Chinese spicy seafood stew for Deya and her family along with rice and some Chinese sausage. Or as Deya called it “Chinese Chorizo”.
Unlike our RV, Deya had a nice spacious kitchen.

After the late lunch all went to the Liverpool Mall where Deya’s daughter Valentina was performing in a school talent show at the mall at 5:00.  After that we were faced with what to do for Valentine’s Day with three kids in tow.  Deya suggested we go to the Consentido Grill which turned out to be just two blocks from our RV Park.  Their specialty was having all these different style tacos from different parts of Mexico.  Best of all, they had a play area with a ball pit AND staff to watch the kids while you ate.  We had passed by this restaurant literally dozens of times and never went in.  We spent the entire evening there chatting and eating tacos.  Frankly the tacos were not very good and the service decidedly mediocre but we had a fabulous time talking about Mexican History, Chinese History, government and sociology. We kept the kids up until 11, well past their bed times.

The Taco Tica Restaurant had a play area with a ball pit and even better yet, staff to watch over your kids while you ate.






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