Feb 15, Last look at San Miguel

Feb 15, 2020

I had been expecting some important mail from the US including some of our tax documents so I stayed home in the morning while Holly took Olivia for her last class.  In the late afternoon we decided to take an evening stroll around central.  It was a perfect balmy evening when we arrived in the central square.  There were crowds of people just hanging out in the square with wandering Mariachi bands playing Mexican music.  As we sat with an ice cream watching the crowds I asked Holly she felt like she was in Mexico. She said that she didn’t feel like we were in Mexico.  San Miguel is so touristy and there are so many foreigners and businesses catering to Americans and Canadians that it often felt like we were in a fake Mexican town Epcot Center or some other amusement park.

Olivia loves her Ice cream!

I thought San Miguel was the perfect introduction to Mexico.  It was Mexican without being too Mexican.  You can speak as much or as little Spanish as you wanted.  You could get a western Omelet and pancakes for breakfast, authentic Mexican tacos or Chili Rellenos for lunch and then Sushi for dinner.  As our time in San Miguel was drawing to a close it struck me that our best souvenir from San Miguel would be the Spanish Language itself.

The Main church is particularly pretty when lighted up at night.






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