Feb 16, San Miguel Botanical Gardens

Feb 16, 2020

One of the major places we had not gone to in San Miguel was the Botanical gardens.  The Botanical gardens were near Deya’s house and they offered to take us there.  We got to Deya’s house at 10 AM and we all piled into her car to go to the Gardens.  The botanical garden in San Miguel is unusual in that it is a Cactus garden.  The dusty paths lead past many types of cactus and pointy bushes.  It was not a good idea to wander off the paths as most plants in the garden had thorns or sharp, pointy leaves. 

While we were not generally interested in cactus there were a few interesting items.  There was an interesting gazebo with a spiraling stream of water going around it.  Some of the cactus had shapes of hearts or even looked like Mickey Mouse.  We followed the path down a canyon and then back up past some stagnant pools of water to a dam with a small lake.  However as the day wore on it quickly became hot and walking among cactus quickly lost its fun.  Fortunately the garden had a small café that had ice cream and cold beverages.

Afterwards we went back to Deya’s house where we sat and chatted and then Deya made some pasta for dinner.

Deya and Ramses were a lovely couple






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