Feb 17, Baja Fish Tacos, Yum!

Feb 17, 2020

Deya went walking on Monday mornings with a group of foreign women and Holly wanted to join so Olivia and I had a nice lazy morning.  We arranged to meet Holly and Deya for lunch at the Baja Fish Taco Restaurant at 12:30 after which the girls would go get a haircut.  Baja Fish was fabulous and even Deya was impressed with the fish tacos there.  I got a shrimp taco, shrimp flake tostada and a crab burrito.  The taco and tostada were tasty but I must say the shrimp burrito is better than the crab burrito.  I also splurged on a shrimp cocktail which was quite good.

We brought Deya to one of our favorite restaurants in San Miguel the Baja Fish Taquito.
The shrimp cocktail at the Baja Fish was delicious.
The Tostada was quite tasty.

After lunch the girls went off to get their hair cut while I went to the DHL office to pick up a portable Webber BBQ that we had ordered from Amazon.  Turns out that there is a Mexican Amazon and it works just as good as the US version although the US Amazon Prime is separate from Mexican Amazon Prime.  When we got home I assembled the BBQ and then we went for one last dinner at Pollo Feliz before going next door to the La Comer to pick up some groceries including a Tri Tip. Tuesday was to be our last full day in San Miguel and we invited Deya and her family to our RV for a BBQ.






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