Feb 20, Touring Queretaro

Feb 20, 2020

In the morning we had a knock our door.  Sergio had returned and invited us to park in their yard.  They had arrived back from Texas late the night before.  We pulled into their yard and they immediately welcomed us like family and gave me a key to the yard gate and told us that his our was our house and that he would be leaving the house door unlocked in case we needed to go in to use the bathroom or something.  It turned out that Sergio had three kids, Luciana who was 10, Miranda who was 8 and Emiliano who was 4.  They also had three French Bulldogs.  We were only planning to spend one night in Queretaro but they were so nice and they had kids to play with Olivia so we decided to stay until Monday.

Sergio had a large walled yard that had plenty of room for Rover.

They were still unpacking and cleaning their house so we decided to go explore Queretaro.  We walked down the street a bit to the nearest bus stop and 20 minutes later we were in the center of the city where the old town was.  When we got off the bus we found ourselves in front of a large park.  Inside the park was a children’s play area so of course we had to immediately stop so that Olivia could play.  However since it was a midweek morning there were no kids so we were able to get out of there pretty quickly. 

Unlike the buses in San Miguel, the buses in Queretaro were modern and new
When we got off the bus we found ourselves in front of a large park

We went through the park and right outside we found a trashy little Chinese fast food restaurant.  Even though it didn’t look very good we couldn’t turn down a 90 peso 3 item combo which the three of us shared.  A couple of stores down we had a Gordita and around the corner we found a place that had Roasterie chicken wings and necks.  Had to try those too since they were about US fifty cents each.  A little further down and found a small department store that had Icees.  Holly even found a small store that served Lemon Ice with red wine.  She found it deliciously refreshing on the warm day.

The Chinese restaurant was not all that inviting but beggars cant be choosers.
We learned new words… Alitas are chicken wings and Pescuezos are necks.
This interesting restaurant had roasterie chicken wings and necks.
The tourist area was nice with shady trees, cafes and stores.
We could not resist checking out the candy store
Holly really enjoyed the Lemon Ice with red wine
We found these large signs in several of the tourist areas.

Old town Queretaro was similar to but not as pretty as central San Miguel.  The doors were not as unique, the buildings were more run down and there were few shops and restaurants.  It was getting hot so we took and Uber to the Liverpool Mall in Queretaro, which unlike the Liverpool Mall in San Miguel was a real indoor mall.  There we found ourselves back in the US.  There was a Burger King, Charles Jr. and even a California Pizza Kitchen without a single taco place in sight!  It was not a very large mall but Olivia still enjoyed herself at the Lego store and afterwards I was able to buy her a pair of aquatic shoes for 320 pesos.  Then Holly did some schooling with Olivia at Starbucks before we returned to Sergio’s house.

The mall even had a Lego store.

Turns out that Sergio is a semi-professional freelance soccer photographer.  He showed Holly his expensive pro photography equipment and gave Holly some photography tips.  Afterwards we all went out to get tacos for dinner.  I ordered a rather unusual Hawaiian plate with chorizo, bacon, bell peppers, onions and pineapple.  Of course it came with tortillas so we made Hawaiian tacos.  Afterwards we all returned to Sergio’s place to turn in.

Sergio was nice enough to give Holly some tips on photography. Sergios lenses cost almost as much as a small car. I did not even want to hold them.
The tacos were quite good
But the best item was the Hawaiian plate that came with tortillas to make “Hawaiian” tacos.






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