Feb 21, Food Tour!

Feb 21, 2020

Today Sergio’s kids were going to school and Sergio said that Olivia could join them. Sergio’s kids went to a small private school run out of a private house nearby.  This gave them a lot of flexibility to travel.  They could send their kids to school when they wanted and they could homeschool the kids whenever they wanted too.  We all got up early to drop off the kids and then went to a nearby coffee shop for some coffee.  Then Sergio had a business meeting he had to attend so his wife Adriana offered to take us on a tour around town in their car. 

Olivia even got to join Sergios kids in their school for a day.

First she drove us to the old aqueduct which still towers over parts of the city. It used to bring water from the mountains to the center of town but is no longer used.  Next we went to old town were we stopped by a taco restaurant.  They had a bunch of clay bowls with different taco foods and with Adriana’s help Holly was able to get a plate and get samples of many of the bowls. 

The Arches as the old aqueduct is now know still towers over old Queretaro.
Statue outside convent
When we saw this nice guy cooking up those interesting tacos we had to stop.
Holly loved to look into all the pots of food and try all the different foods.
She got some Salsa (bottom right) and going clockwise, some Mole, Pig Skin, fish patty and tripe. the mole and tripe were the best.

Next we walked to the local market, the Mercado Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez la Cruz market.  There we stopped by a seafood restaurant where I ordered a Vaqueros which was a plate of bacon wrapped shrimp. 

The grilled shrimp came with a big basket of bread and chips plus the obligatory limes that come with everything.
The bites of bacon wrapped shrimp were delicious!
Adriana was very nice in taking a day out to show us around Queretaro.

We wandered around the market for a while before going to La Comer.  We were planning to have a BBQ the next day and Holly wanted to get a Tri Tip so she could marinate it overnight.  By the time we got the Tri Tip it was time to pick up the kids.  We got the kids and took them to a Pizza place for lunch.  People in Queretaro really like pizza because there were pizza places everywhere.  This particular place was run by an Italian guy and his Columbian wife.  They served super thin crust pizza, so thin it was almost like eating a pizza cracker.

When we got back to the house we found a classic Volkswagen Kombi waiting outside.  In it were Luciano and his wife Dani who had driven the Kombi all the way from Argentina along with their dog Gibbs.  They have some Youtube videos under vandeatres.  Sergio immediately invited them in and broke out some wine and snacks for the new arrivals and we all started chatting until late before turning in for the night.

Olivia became obsessed with the song “Dance Monkey” and was dancing to it for quite a while.






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