Feb 23, Return of the BBQ

Feb 23, 2020

Sergio had invited some friends over and we had another BBQ.  This time they grilled hamburgers while Holly made fried rice.  It was another great day and it was just like going to your family’s house for a weekend BBQ.  I must say the burgers were really great.  Just something about burgers cooked over charcoal that taste better than gas.  Sergio’s friends had brought kids too so there were 8 kids running around the house.   We really didn’t do anything other than eat and hang out but I would rate this as one of our best experiences in Mexico.  Sergio and his family really made it feel as if we were part of the family.

Luciano and Dani had driven up from Argentina in their Volkswagon Kombi.
At the BBQ all the kids piled into Luciano’s Kombi for a picture.
And then they piled into Olivia’s bed on Rover.
Luciano and Dani

Towards the end of the day a young couple showed up from Germany and they were immediately welcomed in to the family and joined in to the BBQ.  They had shipped their van from Germany to Canada and were driving down to Panama before heading home. 






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