Feb 24, Leaving Queretaro

Feb 24, 2020

It was time to leave our new family and we had to do our pre-departure checklist, put everything away, clean everything, add water, and Adriana graciously let us do a load of laundry in their washer/dryer.  By the time we got everything ready to go it was past noon. 

We were sad to leave our new family at Sergio’s but the road beckons.

After some heartfelt goodbye’s we pulled out of Sergio’s house and went to…. Costco.  Yep, back to Costco for a lunch of Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Bake, Pizza and a Hot Dog.  I will not apologize.  We cook most days and eat Mexican food most other days so an occasional delicious and cheap Costco Hot Dog hits the spot.  We also got some groceries and a Roasterie Chicken.  We have sampled many roast and Roasterie chickens in Mexico and Costco chickens are still the most juicy and delicious.

Our initial plan was to go to a pool called Media de Luna that Sergio had recommended but we got out so late that there was no way we could make it there before dark.  Instead Holly found a gas station with a very nice, large, and most importantly free, parking lot with a gate attendant about four hour’s drive from Queretaro.  We arrived at the parking lot just before sunset and settled in.  Turns out the place is a bit of a truck rest stop with a nice restaurant and store.  There was a little bit of noise from trucks at night but nothing that really bothered us.

We find a nice large flat spot to park for the night.






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