Feb 25, Puente De Dios

Feb 25, 2020

Media De Luna is closed on Tuesdays so we skipped it and drove three hours to the Puente de Dios or God’s Bridge which was supposed to be a really nice swimming spot.  As we got close to Puente de Dios the land turned from desert to tropical with green jungle and sharp mountains. 

The landscape started to turn subtropical. And yes that is an oncoming truck ahead on the wrong side of the road. FUN!

We finally reached the small town of Tampasopo where we had the standard white knuckle driving through small streets.  We went through the town and beyond, before turning onto a dirt track which brought us to our camp ground for the night. 

The road to Puente de Dios ran through fields of sugar cane.
The RV Park at Puente de Dios was actually fairly pretty and neat.
However at the end of the road we found a nice grassy camping spot.

We arrived around 1:00 PM and it was a very nice camp ground although a little expensive at 240 pesos a night with no hook ups at all.  It did offer a 15 peso discount on admission to Puente de Dios.  We had a quick lunch, changed into our bathing suites, paid the 35 peso admission (normally 50 pesos) and started down a bunch of stairs into a canyon. At the bottom of the canyon we rented lifejackets (required) for 30 pesos each and proceeded to the swimming spot. 

We parked, quickly changed and then walked down the stairs towards the sound of water.

Puente de Dios is a tropical paradise swimming hole with multiple waterfalls, and a cave.  I don’t have the words to describe it but you can see from the pictures that it is beyond lovely.  There were only a few other people there and there is about a 3 feet drop from the bank into the water which you can jump or use a rope to rappel down.  The place was perfect, the water was surprisingly warm and crystal clear, there were multiple waterfalls falling from the tropical forest above.  There weren’t even many bugs.  There was a bit of a current so the ropes strung through the pond were very useful.

At the bottom of the stairs we found this glorious swimming hole surrounded by waterfalls.
Everyone at the pool was required to wear a life vest, available for rent 30 pesos per person.
We jumped in and the water was nice and warm. There was a current but the guide ropes made it easy to get around.
Olivia had loved swimming in the pool
The pools and surrounding waterfalls were a tropical paradise. The water was warm and there weren’t even any bugs!
All of us had a great time enjoying the natural spendor
Holly and Olivia enjoyed the water falls a lot.

We swam and splashed around the pool a bit then swam through this amazing cave to yet another pool where there were a number of cool places to jump into the water.  The cave itself was really amazing because it was very deep with white sand on the bottom reflecting the light so it looked like there were underwater lights illuminating the cave.  We could even see small fish swimming around us.

The water in the cave was very deep and the bottom had white sand which reflected the light creating a cool underwater lighting effect.
Swimming through the cave brought us to another swimming pool
This pool had places where people could jump off from various heights. Holly and Olivia went to jump off the rock and Olivia went first to show mom how it was done.

I have been to many great places and swimming holes.  Having travelled to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bali, Malaysia, Brazil, Hawaii, California, Florida, and Jamaica, I would rate Puente de Dios as one of the best if not the best swimming hole we have ever had the pleasure to swim in.  Simply amazing.  My pictures really don’t do the place justice and I would suggest you search Puente de Dios on Youtube to see some videos that will give you a much better idea of what it is like.

A little ways up river it became wide and shallow, perfect for soaking and playing in.

We stayed at the pools until closing before returning to our RV, showering and having dinner before going to bed.






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