Feb 27 Los Pozas where Dr. Suess meets Jungle Book

Feb 27, 2020

Jeremy and Kara had gone into Los Pozas the day before and despite having a huge solar and battery array their power was running low.  Our parking spot had no utilities and was very shady to boot so they left to find more sunny locations.  We went up the hill to visit Los Pozas where we paid 100 pesos per adult and 50 pesos for Olivia.  I guess when you are charging just US$5 for entry you can’t afford a nice road.  They wouldn’t let Holly bring her tripod in but they did have a free bag check.

At the entrance to Los Pozas is a strange white structure that looks like a house with no walls with stairs climbing into the air.  Olivia very aptly said that it looked like something from Dr. Suess dropped into the Jungle Book.  Along narrow mountain paths there are structures with no walls, stairs that wind up nowhere into the sky, architectural statues and a beautiful waterfall. 

The entrance to Los Pozas was this interesting structure that looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

We wandered around the maze of mountain paths all morning until we found ourselves at a lovely jungle waterfall where we stopped to sit and listen to the sound of the birds and falling water until a tour group came along and we hastened to move along.  Although relatively new the structures were overrun with foliage and had the look of ancient decay much like Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant on site where we had some drinks, some meat and vegetable soup and a rather unusual mole nachos. Holly and I thought the nachos were good but Olivia did not care for the strange nachos.  Olivia likes her nachos straight with cheese.  After the snack we wandered around some more.  There are so many paths wandering up and down the it is easy to get lost.  Olivia is not much for wandering around looking at things so we got tired easily and wanted to go back to Rover.  Funny how if it is Disneyland Olivia can walk for eight hours straight but she is only good for a couple of hours walking otherwise.

The cafe at Las Pozas had an interesting Mole Nachos.

I took Olivia back to Casa Caracol while Holly stayed to admire more of the art.  Back at Casa Caracol we took a took a detour from the forested path back to Rover to go to the main hotel area to go to the bathroom.  There we found that the main hotel was just as artistically whimsically decorated as Los Pozas.  There was a Mad Hatter’s table that looked like something from Alice in Wonderland.  There were stone teepees with beds inside, we found a tree house, a stage, tree swings, strange large head statues, a small pool that looked like an eye and giant parrot statues.  Now this was art that was more to Olivia’s taste and she suddenly found energy to wander around some more.  We were still exploring the hotel grounds when Holly returned from Los Pozas.  The hotel grounds looked like a perfect rave or EDM music venue and talking to the manager it seems that they do have music events in the summer.  Guests can share a five person concrete teepee for 200 pesos,  individual bungalows start at 700 pesos a night or RV parking for 100 pesos per person, kids free.

Soon after Holly returned it got dark so we returned to Rover to make dinner and settle in for the night.






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