March 3, Travel Day

March 3, 2020

We wanted to stay another day at Las Grutas but our water tanks were dry.  We could have toughed it out since there were bathrooms and restaurants at the hotel but two waters days was enough so it was time to head towards Mexico City.  We had been warned by multiple people to not to try driving into Mexico City.  With an urban population of around 21 million people it was a huge busy city with a major pollution problem.  To combat air pollution there were many driving restrictions such as cars with even numbered license plates could only drive on alternate days with the odd numbers.  Mexico City especially hated large vehicles and I expected parking to be a nightmare.  Ioverlander did not show a single RV park in or even around Mexico City nor any options for larger vehicle parking.

After talking to various people, local and travelers we decided to go to Teotihuacan a town about an hour’s drive from Mexico City.  It had a highly rated RV park where all the RV’s would park their RV’s and then take the bus into Mexico City. Teotihuacan is also the site of one of the most impressive pyramids in Mexico.  So we left Tolantongo and drove three and a half hours to Teotihuacan. 

The road between the two were littered with numerous stores selling Pasties.  When gas station where we stopped to get gas happened to have a Pasties restaurant so we had to try some.  Pasties turned out to be a crispy, super flaky turnover with many different filling options.  There were salty options such as Pasties filled with a hot dog, cheese, bacon and ketchup.  Other salty options included chicken, beef, Hawaiian, and many others.  They had sweet options too such as strawberry jam with cream cheese.  We ordered one each the chicken, Hawaiian, strawberry and pineapple Pasties which were 16 pesos for one Pasty.  They were all delicious.  Soft but crispy, warm and super flaky filled with delicious warm fillings.  Turns out we lucked out as we saw many people come in and order boxes of Pasties to go.

Filled up we continued onto Teotihuacan and found the RV Park which turned out to be a nice fenced in grassy area near central Teotihuacan.  Immediately upon entering the RV park we were approached by two Dalmatians and a Golden Retriever.  One of the Dalmatians looked a lot like Wong Wong, our Dalmatian that had passed a year and a half ago.  We found out that the owner was away but a nice lady who was actually a dentist who had an office at the RV park told us it would be 290 pesos a night and to park anywhere we wanted. 

We immediately hooked up, dumped our sewage and I hooked up our filters to add water. Then while Holly settled in I took Olivia for a walk around the neighborhood.  Right around the corner we found a KFC with a play area so we had to go in there for the better part of an hour.  After that we continued our walk past the central square and local market before returning to the RV for the evening.

Our first stop when we got into town was KFC. It had a play place. I will not apologize.






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