March 4-5, Days Off

March 4, 2020

We had been travelling pretty fast for the last week so we decided to spend a few days in the RV park before heading into Mexico City.  We needed to have a bit of a rest and clean up before doing anything.  I took our clothes to a laundry service around the corner.  They charged 20 pesos per kilo so I ended up paying 270 pesos for them to wash, dry and fold our laundry to be picked up the next day.

The local market was filled with food vendors
Mexico has a wide variety of street food stands that are cheap, varied and delicious.

We had lunch in Rover and spent the rest of the day catching up on our writing, schoolwork and a few other household tasks.  Olivia noted that we had not eaten at KFC for a long time so we went to the KFC and got a double bucket deal for 249 pesos which included 8 pieces of fried chicken, a large mashed potatoes, fries and four boneless bbq chicken strips.  It was a good bit of food and we brought a couple of pieces of chicken home.

March 5, 2020

We had another rest day with our most exciting thing being picking up our laundry and exploring the town a bit.  We went to the local market or Mercado, bought a few groceries before returning to Rover.  Another family from Canada had arrived with a little 5 year old boy so Olivia went out to play with him while we enjoyed some blessed quiet time napping, writing and updating the website.

Teotihuacan streets






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