March 7, Brazilian BBQ in Mexico? YES!

March 7, 2020

When we were walking around town a couple days ago we found a billboard for an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ for 185 pesos.  Well, we could not pass up an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ for US$10.  We decided we would do a Mexican lunch and go there around 3 pm.  That way we could stuff ourselves and not have to eat dinner.  The restaurant turned out to be quite a distance away and the Uber ended up costing us 95 pesos. 

Brazilian BBQ in Mexico? YES!

Once we got there we found a rather bare restaurant along a dusty road but it did have live music and skewers of meat turning over an open fire.  There was also a small salad bar. 

The Estation Brazil restaurant was pretty basic.

We grabbed a few veggies from the salad bar as an appetizer and soon enough the waiters came by with their skewers of meat filling our plate.  The meat was just OK, about what you would expect from a $10 all you can meat place.  It wasn’t bad, just a little under seasoned and over cooked.  There was a couple of unexpected items such as skewers of BBQ garlic bread.  Otherwise they had the standard beef, pork and chicken.  There were a couple of items that were quite good such as the ribeye and the BBQ pineapple which was very sweet and flavored with cinnamon.

Of course the most important part was the meat!
The essence of Brazilian BBQ is skewers of meat roasted over coals.

We stuffed ourselves, rolled out of there into our Uber and returned back to Rover.  There Olivia found some kids to play with while we enjoyed our food coma.






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