March 17, Headed South

March 17, 2020

It was finally time to leave Teotihuacan.  By the time we got everything packed and picked up our laundry it was about 11:30.  Our first stop was going to be Puebla about an hour and a half drive away.  The big attraction for us at Puebla was Costco.  This would be our last Costco for probably a month or two so we were going to really stock up, especially with the whole Corona virus stuff.  Our friends Jason and Kara were going the same way so we actually ran into them at Costco.  We filled up our cart and had lunch at the Costco food court blowing over USD$300.  This Costco also had a gas station selling gas for a low, low price of 16.3 pesos per liter which is a lot better than some other places that can cost as much as 20.4 pesos per liter.

After that we drove for another couple of hours until we got to Parque Aventura, a small water park in Tehuacan.  It was getting dark by the time we arrived and they wanted 300 pesos for a parking spot with no hook ups.  I believe were charged 100 pesos per person which is the normal entry for the water park even though it was closing when we arrived.  It had been a long day shopping and driving so we just had dinner and turned in.

The Parque Adventura did have plenty of space for us to park but was rather expensive at 300 pesos for no hookups. It was quiet though and better than parking in a gas station.






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