March 18, Found Our Bolt Hole!

March 18, 2020

In the light of the morning the water park was OK but tiny.  I think we could have stayed and used the facilities for the day if we wanted but it wasn’t that nice with just one small pool with a kiddie waterslide.  We decided to push on to Oaxaca.

The waterpark itself was nothing to write home about with just one pool filled and a lake that was just for looking. More of a overpriced weekend picnic spot.

It was a three hour drive to Oaxaca but since we stopped for lunch along the roadside it took us four hours.  The drive was nice with decent roads although we had to stop several times to pay the tolls that cost about US$20 in total.  We were going to the EL Rancho RV park which had been recommended by several travelers we had met and when we arrived the park did not disappoint.

The park was nicely landscaped, had a very nice little pool with warm water, a nice covered outdoor patio area with kitchen and TV along with nice bathrooms with toilet paper, and showers with very hot water. There was even a play structure for the kids.  Frankly the El Rancho was the best RV park we had seen in Mexico so far and would compare favorably with most RV parks in the US.  Best of all it was only 1,200 pesos a week which was almost half the price of what we were paying in San Miguel. 

The El Rancho RV Park in Oaxaca is easily one of the best RV parks we have stayed at during our trip. It had a nice common kitchen and eating area.
It also had a nice pool with warm water along with a shaded kids play area.
We all love the pool and I think it is going to be very nice to have as we will likely be staying for a while

As we arrived and settled in, we found an additional bonus that there were other kids in the RV park.  We immediately settled in, changed into our swim suits and jumped into the pool.  It was so nice to be in the shady pool on the hot day.  We quickly concluded that we had found our bolt hole.  A few hours later Jason and Kara arrived too!

The park has two areas, this is the main area on a large grassy field
We are parked in a secondary area away from the rest of the campers. It is very nice shady location with full hook ups and fast internet






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