March 20, 21 Pizza Party!

March 20, 2020

The news from the US gets worse and worse.  Things are being shut down, the economy is going to the pits.  For us, although there is a lot of talk about the virus it was just another day at the resort.  The weather is bright and warm and the kids spent the day swimming in the pool and playing.  I caught up on my posting to the website and generally relaxed.  Tomorrow one of the other residents Isabel is organizing a pizza party.  She is going to arrange for a local pizza restaurant to provide pizza dough for 25 pesos and everyone will make their own pizza in the wood-fired oven at the resort.  Matthew and Stacey who are professional musicians will give a little concert.

This is easily the best RV park pool we have found in Mexico.

Although the President of Mexico is in total denial of the Pandemic and is actually encouraging people to go outside the owners of the RV Park have put out a No Vacancy sign so there will be no more new arrivals. Looks like we got to our little hiding place just in time.

March 21, 2020

We needed pizza topping for the pizza party that night and with increasingly alarming news about the virus we figured it was a good time to go to Walmart and stock up.  We took the bus to the Macroplaza in the morning and went to the Walmart there.  Everything seemed very normal and there was plenty in stock including toilet paper.  The only things not available were face masks and hand sanitizer.  We filled up our carts with a couple hundred dollars worth of food.  We bought a lot of dried, canned or bottled goods that would be easily storable without refrigeration.  We figure between this and our earlier Costco purchases we were set for at least a month or two, assuming we could buy fresh meat and vegetables occasionally.   After shopping we had lunch at the Chinese fast food stall at the mall food court before catching a taxi to go back to the El Rancho.

For some reason the taxi driver asked for 10 pesos more to return than last time.  I was didn’t like that but figured it wasn’t worth arguing over fifty cents so we got in.  The taxi driver ended up going some crazy roundabout route to get to the RV park and later we would find out that the President of Mexico was in town and that was caused a number of traffic issues so it seems that the taxi driver was not trying to rip us off.

Back in Rover Olivia and I rolled out the pizza dough, put on pizza sauce, pepperoni, broccoli (at Olivia’s request!), corn, chicken and lots of mozzarella cheese.  Ours was the first pizza in the oven and it came out perfect except for a little burnt along some edges but it was still delicious.  Afterwards Olivia sang “Here Comes the Sun” and “Dance Monkey” as an opener for Matthew and Stacey.  They have been touring around Northern and Southern American for the last seven years playing professionally in small venues and Joy even had a couple of albums.  They were very good and if anyone wants to listen to some of their music you can look up “Stacey Joy” on Youtube.  Everyone had a good time and the kids got to stay up late running around.

Olivia loved making pizza. Everyone in the park made their own pizza and took turns baking them to maintain proper social distancing.
Best of all there are two other families here with younger kids for Olivia to play with.






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