Oct 2, Acapulco

In order to get the most of our last day at Dreams we planned to leave after lunch.  We might have been able to stay for dinner but we wanted to make sure we got to the nearby RV park well before 5 pm to make sure we could get in or find somewhere else to stay. For breakfast we went down to the buffet before heading back up to the room to pack our stuff and take it to Rover.  I love it that it took us only 5 minutes to get home from the hotel room.  I then checked out but did not need to leave right away so we met the Chinese group at the beach where Olivia spent the morning playing in the sand with their kids. 

We had one final lunch at El Piscador before heading back to Rover to leave.  All in all our visit to the Dreams resort was a bust and we were happy to get back on the road again.  A quick check that all of our tires were at proper pressure and we were back onto the busy streets of Acapulco.  This was the first time we actually got a look at Acapulco since we were focused on just getting to the hotel when we came in.  Acapulco has a well-deserved reputation as a dangerous city but as we drove through the city it looked very nice to us.  The city was modern and clean with plenty of people and cars around.  It looked like a typical seaside resort city.  The only bad thing was that it is always stressful to drive a large vehicle in a busy city.  I figure it is even more stressful than being a bus or truck driver.  If a bus or truck driver wrecks their vehicle they can still go home. I risk wrecking my home.  A home made mostly of plywood and Styrofoam.

Although the RV park was in a great location right next the beach the manager was mean and unwelcoming so we only stayed one night.

We made it out of Acapulco safely and went to the nearby little town of Pie De La Cuesta where iOverlander listed two RV parks.  The first RV park we went to was closed.  The second RV park the Acapulco RV park was right on the ocean and run by a mean old lady that quoted us an outrageous 450 pesos a night and didn’t seem to want our businesses.   The park was empty and I would have thought that she would have welcomed our business but when I asked her for the wireless access she outright told me that we could find another place if we wanted.  It was too late in the day to go somewhere else so we resolved to just spend one night.  We had planned to spend several nights and go explore Acapulco more but it was so hot and humid that we decided to go back inland where it was cooler.  Despite the heat we would have spent at least a few days if the owner had been nice.  Her loss.  Although it was a lovely location right by the beach we opted to just close up and turn on our lovely air conditioner for the night.  The air conditioner is quite loud but when I tried to turn it off at night Olivia woke up in a sweat so we had to turn it back on again.

The sunsets at the RV park was gorgeous though.





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