Oct 4, Valle De Bravo

We woke up in the morning with a about a four hour drive to Valle de Bravo.  Since we had some extra time we went to the local Children’s museum but they were closed for the pandemic.  However the Costco next door was still open so we went there instead.  We really didn’t need anything but got the 500 peso membership anyway since it is much cheaper than in the US and we simply couldn’t resist going into Costco.  After six months the Costco hot was delicious.  Unfortunately due to the pandemic Costco was only allowing for one person per family in and that included kids.  Also they suspended the samples so there wasn’t much point in going in anyway.

We got back on the road and to avoid Mexico City we went on a secondary highway which curved up a steep mountain and back down.  It was a very scenic drive which in some places reminded us of the Napa Valley but the road was narrow and very steep and curvy. We got to Valle de Bravo and pulled into El Embarcadero RV park and boat storage.  They had a nice spot for us with a great view of the lake for 250 pesos a night or 1500 pesos a week.  They had only one central sewer dump and the electrical plug had an open ground so we didn’t use it.  It was OK though since we get plenty of power from our solar as long as we don’t need to use the air conditioning.   The weather was sunny and with highs in the low 70’s so that was not a problem.

Our camping spot in Valle de Bravo had a spectacular view of the lake.

Little known outside of Mexico, Valle de Bravo is one of Mexico’s pueblo magicos or magic towns and is a popular weekend getaway for people from Mexico City.  Lonely Planet describes it as having one of the loveliest colonial centers.  Our RV park was actually in San Gaspar, the small town next to Valle de Bravo, about a 15 minute drive.  The lake itself, Lago Avandaro is a lovely mountain lake surrounded by thickly forested mountains is said to be reminiscent of northern Italian lakes.

Leaving the town for another day we settled in for the evening, did our usual homeschooling and had dinner before heading to bed.





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