Oct 5, Valle de Bravo town

We had a lazy morning of homeschooling and enjoying the nice weather. After lunch we took a collective taxi into Valle de Bravo for 60 pesos.  A collective taxi is basically a regular car taxi that functions as a bus, running a specific route, picking up and dropping off passengers along the way.  The taxi dropped us off in the center of town.  The town center was a long street of shops, cafes and restaurants on cobblestone streets.  The weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 70’s.  The streets were full of people and cars and unlike in Oaxaca only about half the people were wearing masks.

Valle de Bravo was a lovely tourist town with a pretty church and quaint white brick buildings.

The town itself was very nice and Holly remarked that it seemed more authentic than San Miguel de Allende.  Perhaps it was because Valle de Bravo catered more towards locals and foreign tourists.  We walked along the street until we got to the end where there were few people.  Here we found an ice cream store where we got ice cream and then Holly and Olivia did a little bit of homeschooling. 

The great thing about homeschooling is that we can do it anywhere, even outside an ice cream parlor.

Afterwards we walked down to the wharf.  There were small boats that would take people on half hour or one hour lake tours.  We were accosted by a tout who offered a two hour ATV tour of the mountains for 700 pesos but when we declined he dropped the price to 500 pesos.  That seemed like a decent price, it was 3 PM and we would finish up by 5 PM which would be perfect.  We went to the office to pay and they said we would be able to leave in 15 minutes.  An hour later we demanded and got our money back.  It was simply too late to go on the tour.  Instead we found a regular taxi that took us back to the RV park for 100 pesos. 

Valle de Bravo is a small lake town two hours from Mexico City where the wealthy have their weekend homes.

There we had dinner and our usual homeschooling and bedtime.






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