Oct 8, Picnic!

It was another lovely day in Valle de Bravo so we decided to have a picnic lunch.  Holly packed a big box with sandwiches and snacks.  We packed everything down to the shore and had a lovely picnic in the warm sun with a light breeze blowing off the lake.  It was an Instagram worthy picnic, too bad we are not on Instagram.

We had arranged to meet with Sam in Queretaro on Saturday so we would be leaving the next day for the four hour drive.  After lunch we did some more homeschooling as we knew that once we got to Queretaro we would be visiting friends and would not have much time for schooling.  Then we did some repairs and upgrades.  Like a house, Rover is in continual need for repairs.  I fixed our bed curtains where the screws were coming out of the track.  As Rover is made mostly of plywood and Styrofoam screws often pop out.  I also added a hook so we could secure one of our kitchen doors which had a tendency to swing open on curves.  Finally I noticed that our ultraviolet UV water filter system was not working.  This is the one I was worried about the most since it was an expensive system.  Fortunately all it took to fix was to unplug it and plug it back in. 

Good view, cheap rent, good weather. What more could one want?

After that it was just general pre-travel clean up before getting dinner and going to bed.






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