Oct 9, On the road to Queretaro

We had a four hour drive an all day to do it so after final packing and dumping our sewer we were on the road at a leisurely 10AM.  It was another lovely day, perfect for driving.  We ran into a number of rather expensive toll booths paying over $30 just in tolls.  Right around 11:30 we passed a billboard advertising Brazilian BBQ for 209 pesos per person or less than US$10.  Well we couldn’t pass that up so we pulled into El Corte Restaurante de Brasil which is right outside Atlacomuico.   The restaurant was located in a mostly abandoned shopping center right off the highway which was very convenient and since the shopping center was mostly deserted there was plenty of parking.  The restaurant opened at noon but we did not mind waiting since Holly was able to do a little bit more homeschooling.

When we saw there was a Brazilian restaurant right off the highway we just had to stop.

Once the restaurant opened we were one of the first customers and it turned out to be very nice restaurant.  It had a nice little salad bar with vegetables, cold pasta and fruit.  Holly loved the sugared guavas.  There were a few hot food selections including rice, meatballs and some sort of spicy stew.  Then came the main attraction the meat!  First came some sausage and mini chicken drumsticks.  They were fairly decent.  I passed on the roasted pineapple, saving my stomach space for meat.  Pineapple glazed pork was a yes, followed by arrachera steak, then picahna.  I made a meat exception for the cheesy garlic bread which was delicious.  Next was curry chicken and some other kind of sausage.  Some of the meat was a little overcooked but for the price we could not complain.  Brazilian BBQ is not something that can just be wolfed down as it takes time for them to bring each meat and afterwards we had to have a little meat coma nap so we didn’t get back on road until almost 3.  It was really nice being able to stuff myself then walk out to the parking lot and have a little nap on my own bed.

Back on the road we made good time and arrived in Queretaro at 5.  Our first stop of course was Costco where we bought a big bottle of rum, a pie and a few groceries.  Then we went to Sergio’s house.  We had stayed at Sergio’s house the first time we had stopped by Queretaro and he was happy to welcome us again.  The main road near his house was closed for construction so we had a few stressful squeezes through the narrow streets near his house but we got there safely by 7.  It had been a long day so after hanging out a bit we turned in for the night.






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