Oct 17-18 Hanging around San Miguel

The weekend had come around again and we decided to go into town for lunch.  Unlike the first time we were here we now knew how to get around so we just went to the main road and waved down the #16 bus and paid 16 pesos to get into town. We went to the Baja Fish restaurant, one of our favorite places in San Miguel.  They are a small restaurant with a nice rooftop balcony and delicious shrimp burritos. It was as good as we remembered although it did have a rather interesting quirk in their menu.  They had Micheladas for 22 pesos.  A Michelada is basically a beer with spicy sauce and ground peppers and is Holly’s favorite Mexican drink.  A straight beer though was 35 pesos.  This was interesting since a beer with spicy sauce cost significantly less than just a beer.  For that matter a lemonade cost 40 pesos so that was even more than a beer.

Our first meal out in San Miguel was back at one of our favorite restaurants, Baja Fish.
One unusual drink not normally available in the USA that Holly enjoyed was a Shrimp Michelada. This is a beer with spices, hot sauce and chili and in this case, shrimp.

After lunch we walked around, got a churro and saw that not much had changed since last time.  There were less people, the parks were closed and they had installed disinfection tunnels around the entrance of the main square but most restaurants and stores were open and there were tourists walking around taking pictures.  We walked around a bit and found that our old Spanish language school was closed and had gone to remote learning.  Holly remarked that it was more relaxing since we already knew where everything was.

The next day we went to Deya’s house.  I brought my Oculus VR setup since Ramses Jr. wanted to play it again.  Holly brought a pan of Jalapeno Popper dip and Deya made some Gorditas.  We chatted while the kids played on the VR.  Even Holly tried Beat Saber again and discovered that she liked playing it.  Funny that four months of everyone at the EL Rancho RV park playing Beat Saber while Holly refused to play and now she discovered that she likes it.





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