Dec 29-30 Back to Oaxaca

Today was finally the day that Holly could get her second rabies shot and we could go home.  It was pretty uneventful, we drove back to Puerto Madero in the morning and Holly was able to get her shot no problem.  Then we started on our drive back to Oaxaca.  We had to go through several check points, one of which actually checked our documents and stopped at a Pemex for the night before heading out the next morning to continue our drive.  We arrived back at the Oaxaca Campground by 3:30 in the afternoon where we set up and met Matheu who invited us to go see the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie with him at 5.  Stacey was not a fan of superhero movies and offered to watch Olivia so Holly and I took the rare opportunity to go out without Olivia. 

It was very nice going to the movie theater in Oaxaca.  The tickets cost only 45 pesos each (US$2.25) and we got two hot dogs, nachos, large popcorn and a large bottle of water for about 150 pesos (US$7.50).  Our big blowout movie night in Mexico cost less than a single ticket in the US.  Even better, we had the entire theater to ourselves.  The film was in English with Spanish subtitles and most likely the locals had opted for the Spanish dubbed versions so the three of us had a private showing. 

It was a nice end cap to our adventure and we will most likely settle down for a while again to ride out the pandemic.  We plan to head to Asia later in 2021 but if we have any adventures, we will update everyone but for now we wish everyone a great 2021.






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