Jan 24 2021 Moving to a House

January 24, 2021

We had a quiet New Years and continued to follow the news and events going on around the world, particularly in regards to the pandemic.  As January wore on it became clear that with the slow vaccine rollout that there was no realistic way that we would be able to get the vaccine until late spring and that we might even have to postpone our Asia trip. Living in Rover is great when we are able to travel but it starts to feel cramped if we are just sitting around.  With another at least four more months of hiding out from the virus we decided to rent a house.

Our house in Zaachila was quite comfy. It was nice to stretch out.

After checking out several houses we found a nice house just 25 minutes south of Oaxaca.  It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large yard and a large kitchen which was a must for Holly.  At only 6,000 pesos (about US$300) per month it was not much more expensive than the RV park so we signed a four month lease.  It did not take us long to pack and get Rover ready to move but it took considerably longer to move everything into the house and unpack.  Holly was amazed at all the stuff we had and I thought it was a bit like those clown cars at the circus which look tiny but then ten clowns come out.

Looking out our front gate the land reminded us of Arizona.
We were in a new housing development that didn’t have paved roads yet but at least there was plenty of parking for our RV.

Of course no matter how much stuff we had it was much less than what a normal house has so we quickly put everything away and settled in to isolate a few months more.   It is looking like if we are able to make our flights in May, we will need to fly to the US to get our shots but until then we will just try to stay safe.






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