Mar 28 Goodbye to Oaxaca

After two busy days of packing and preparing we were ready to head back to the US.  We had to do standard maintenance on Rover, clean everything, and pack everything back into Rover.  Our landlord had no problem with us leaving early since we paid off the entire lease.  It is a little sad to leave Oaxaca has we have been here for a little over a year now so I guess you can say we accidentally moved to Oaxaca.  Our vaccination appointment was calling us however so we pulled out at 9:30 AM and rushed north stopping briefly in Puebla to go to the Costco for gas.  We didn’t buy much other than a roast chicken since we knew that we would not be able to bring meat or vegetables back to the US.  Instead of stopping in Puebla as we normally do we pushed on to a Pemex gas station about an hour and a half further north before stopping for the night just as it was getting dark at 6:30 PM.  This Pemex was lovely with large, flat parking, free, clean bathrooms and most importantly quiet with no big rigs.

We got appointments for Covid vaccination back in Texas so it was time to head back to the US. Goodbye Oaxaca!
On the way back to the US we ran into some of the nicest roads we have found in Mexico…. and some of the worst.
Of course the nicest road was also the most expensive toll road. Over US$30!






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