June 2, 2021 – Finally on the Move AGAIN!

Holly’s last doctor’s appointment was at 1:00 PM for an allergy appointment and she found out that she is highly allergic to grass pollen and Oak.  Fortunately she is not allergic to Oak furniture, just Oak pollen.  Treatments for allergies is a rather binary proposition, you either go with your standard over the counter allergy medicine or you commit to years of allergy injections to actually get rid of your allergy.  Obviously we were not going with the years of treatment option so we were finally done with all our doctor’s appointment.  A month’s of doctors appointments and we have found out that we are both quite healthy and Holly has a grass pollen allergy.  Yay.

Houston had been extraordinarily hot, humid and rainy so we left Houston immediately after Holly’s doctor appointment.   Our plan is to do a complete loop around the US, starting by going back to California before heading to Maine.  Our first step was to go back to San Antonio and along the way we had to stop by Lockhart, Texas, acknowledged as the BBQ Capital of Texas.  We arrived in the small town just at dinnertime and chose The Original Black’s Barbecue restaurant.  Black’s is the oldest family-run barbecue joint in Texas and opened in 1932 and is now in the 4th generation of the same family.  We had high expectations for the oldest BBQ restaurant in the BBQ capital of Texas and… and… it was OK.

We tried the brisket, ribs and sausage and while it was all good, better than many other places in Texas to us, it was just OK, fine.  The ribs were not quite fall off the bone tender, the brisket, while having a lovely color was not quite as soft and juicy as we expected and the sausage casing was a bit thicker than we liked.  Frankly, we still prefer the BBQ in California. After dinner we continued our drive to San Antonio where we bedded down in our favorite Cracker Barrel for the night.






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