June 10-11, Colorado Springs

We spent the next two days in Colorado Springs catching up on our chores.  We did homeschooling, laundry, and propane fill plus scheduled maintenance on Rover including oil change, transmission fluid flush and rear differential service.  We had intended to head west from Denver and go back to California for Olivia’s birthday but the Western US as being hit by a heatwave that had forecasted highs of 102 in Salt Lake City, 115 in Las Vegas and Phoenix and over 107 degrees in Sacramento.  This was way too hot for us and it looked like it was going to last over a week. It was obvious that those two months in Texas had pushed us out of the weather window to head west.  Much as we would have liked to visit Vegas again it would not have been any fun in 115 degree weather.  It would also have been a rush to drive the extra 3,000 miles west and back.  Instead, we decided to skip the Western US and turn east. 

One notable spot we did go to in Colorado Springs was the Ultimate Buffet restaurant.  $17 per adult and it was the best buffet we had since we left the west coast.  It had an interesting mix of sushi, steak, ribs, crayfish and standard Chinese buffet items.  Its eclectic food selection is exemplified by its soup options of Hot and Sour soup, Won Ton soup, Chicken Noodle soup and Clam Chowder.  Olivia loved the Chicken Noodle soup and I thought the Hot and Sour soup was pretty darn good.  In all Colorado Springs seemed like a very nice, clean city.  OK, perhaps our taste in locations is largely determined by the food but what can I say, we are Chinese!






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