June 15-16, 2021 Escape from the HEAT!

June 15-16 2021

We had been on the move for over 1,700 miles in the last two weeks and it was almost 100 degrees out so we took a rest day and stayed in Rover all day with the AC running.  There was just nothing outside that was worth going out in the heat.  We spent the day resting, catching up on homeschooling and just generally chilling out.

The next day it was still almost 100 degrees.  Of course this was much better than the 107 forecasted for Utah or the 115 forecasted for Las Vegas but it was hot enough to make the attractions of Kansas, much less attractive.  Instead we enjoyed Rover’s air conditioning as we drove to Kansas City, getting their just in time for dinner. 

We had not been overly impressed by Texas BBQ so we thought we would give Missouri BBQ a try and stopped at Joe’s KC Original Gas Station Restaurant BBQ.  The restaurant had been featured on a number of food shows and youtube videos so we wanted to give it a try.   It had started as a gas station food stand before it grew into a famous restaurant but it still sells gas.  When we arrived we found a line going out the door which was a good sign.  Eventually we got to the front of the line and we ordered the Burnt ends and Ribs meal and a Z-Burger which consisted of brisket, cheese, BBQ sauce and a couple of onion rings.  Holly liked the Z-burger and found the crunch of the onion rings a great compliment to the tender brisket.  The burnt ends were tender and smoky but could have had more flavor and we thought the ribs were just regular ribs.  I did like their BBQ sauce which was sweet but not too sweet.

It was still hot so I used one of our free room nights and got us a room at a nearby Holiday Inn Express for the night.  We had not been in a hotel since Christmas so it was nice getting out of Rover for a night and the hotel even had an indoor pool.

The Holiday Inn Express outside Kansas City had in indoor pool
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