June 22-23, 2021 Plumbing Problems!

Our first day in Wisconsin Dells was spent at the RV park, catching up on homeschooling.  Our homeschooling schedule needs to be very flexible since we drive on some days and like to go to attractions on weekdays when it is less crowded.  Country Road’s RV park is technically a 55+ park but they allowed us to stay for a week and cautioned us that there was no pool or facilities for kids and that they don’t allow kids to wander around unescorted.  This was fine with us since we planned to be either schooling or out doing things.

We also worked on the toilet again.  We found that even with the new gasket it was still leaking water sometimes.  We picked up some plumber’s grease, removed and disassembled the toilet again, applied the plumber’s grease, reseated the gasket and reinstalled the toilet.  The toilet seemed to be finally holding water but then we noticed that there was some water leaking from the foot pedal used to flush the toilet.  Fortunately it wasn’t a big leak, just a few drops when we pushed the foot pedal to flush.  Any water leak is bad in an RV since it is mostly made of cardboard, plywood and Styrofoam so while not an immediate emergency it would cause problems over time.  I had to order a whole new base (which came with a new gasket) from Amazon which luckily could be delivered in by the end of the week.

Toilet removed!
Took the toilet outside to fix

On Wednesday we went to downtown Wisconsin Dells where we found a nice little park for Olivia to burn her energy a bit before taking a walk along Broadway, the tourist strip of stores and restaurants.  We stopped at a few places such as the Root Beer museum where we tried a flight of four root beers.  Usually tastings are for alcoholic drinks such as wine or whiskey and it was nice that Olivia could join in and try the different root beers.  There are a number of touristy attractions on Broadway such as boat tours, mirror mazes, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, paintball shooting galleries, several escape rooms, candy stores and plenty of souvenir stores.  Since we are in an RV and storage is limited we limited our purchases to a caramel apple.   There has been talk of a worker shortage recently and we could see signs of this as the worker in the first candy store we went to didn’t even know how much their caramel apple cost.  I think businesses are just hiring whomever they can get.

We found this cool place that had Root Beer tasting. Olivia loved getting to join in the beer tasting!
The required Ripley’s Believe it or Not that is at pretty much every tourist spot in the world.





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