July 1-2, 2021 Rodeo!

We had been boondocking for a few days so we headed back to the Wilderness resort.  Holly and Olivia went in for another day of waterparks while I stayed in Rover to catch up on my writing.  Afterwards we all used the shower facilities to clean up before returning to the parking lot next to the Cracker Barrel for the night.

All the waterparks had both indoor and outdoor portions, perfect for summer or winter.
The indoor portions of the waterparks are often as large as a regular waterpark elsewhere. It is always warm here!

We had stayed at the Wisconsin Dells long enough and it was time to move along.  In the morning we stopped by the laundromat to do laundry before stopping by a nearby state park where we paid $10 to dump our sewage and refill our fresh water.  All clean and refilled we were ready to set out again.

Our destination was Door County which is a scenic peninsula in Wisconsin with quaint lighthouses and towns.  Along the way though we passed a sign advertising the Mid-Western Rodeo at 7:30 pm and we spontaneously decided to go there instead.  Olivia had never been to a rodeo before so we had to take her to her first rodeo.  It was only 30 minutes away so we got there well ahead of time.  Wisconsin is not Wyoming so it was a pretty small rodeo with a few vendors in front but it was a sold out with over 6,000 attendees.  Good thing we got there early so we were able to get some good seats. 

This was her first Rodeo!

The rodeo had the usual trick horse riding bronco riding, calf roping, calf wresting, and barrel racing and was a good show. One thing we did note is that out of the over 6,000 people at the rodeo we were the only minority there.  No other Asians, blacks or Hispanics.  Everyone we met was very nice and we didn’t feel uncomfortable it definitely was not a very multi-cultural experience.  It was quite late by the time we left so we just drove to a nearby Walmart for the night.





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