July 3-4, 2021 4th of July!

We had been thinking about where to spend the July 4th weekend.  As it was a long weekend we knew that all the tourist destinations would be packed so we wanted to avoid that.  We had been thinking about going to Door County, a touristy peninsula in Wisconsin but it is known for its lovely coastal small towns which probably meant a smaller fireworks show.  We compromised by deciding to spend the weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It is a small city but big enough to host a decent fireworks show. 

It was a hot day, in the low nineties so we drove to Green Bay and spent the day at a Barnes and Noble.  It is great now that Olivia can read enough to enjoy spending a day reading in the nice air conditioning.  We stayed there all day until it got cooler, had dinner in Rover and then drove to a nearby Cabela’s for the night.

A hot sunny, 4th of July dawned and we went back to the Barnes and Noble until late in the afternoon when we went to the park where the fireworks show was going to be.  The park was along a river with a bridge going over the river.  They closed the bridge so that people could watch the fireworks from either the park or the bridge. The fireworks show was scheduled at 9:45 pm with music and events starting at 5:00 pm.  We got there at 4:00 to make sure we got good parking since Rover is a bit bigger than a normal car.  We just hung out until 6:00 before we headed out in search of a nice air-conditioned restaurant for dinner but none of the restaurants were open.  It seemed kinda silly to us that not a single restaurant decided to stay open for the festival crowds.  We made the best of it by getting a snack at one of the food booths at the festival before going back to Rover for dinner.  We had a good parking spot so we mostly just relaxed in Rover until it was fireworks time.  The fireworks show was better than we expected and ran for a good 25 minutes.  After that we went back to Rover and relaxed until everyone else had left before driving back to the Cabela’s for the night.





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