July 7-8, 2021 Washington Island

We woke up to heavy rain and it rained the entire day.  That was fine with us as we just stayed in and had a lazy day relaxing and getting some homeschooling done.  The parking lot was mostly empty and quiet so it was great for us.  One of our great advantages of full time travelling is that unlike a regular vacation we have plenty of time so a rainy day is really no big deal to us.

The next morning dawned sunny and we went onto the ferry to Washington Island.  The cool thing was that Rover was able to go on the ferry to and it was interesting to have our RV on a boat.  The ferry was large enough to accommodate full semi-trucks so it had no problems accommodating Rover.

The ferry was quite spacious.
This is the first time Rover has been on a boat!
Washington Island is off the northern tip of Door County.

Once on Washington Island we drove to Schoolhouse beach.  This is one of five beaches in the world which is made up solely of smooth rounded stones, no sand.  The stones were perfect for stacking and skipping rocks and we spent a few hours just hanging out and enjoying the lovely weather.

Schoolhouse Beach is only one of five sandless beaches in the world.
We had a nice picnic on Schoolhouse Beach
Holly made a delicious picnic of sandwiches, Quesadillas, beef and fruit.

Afterwards we went to the Lavender Farm.  This was a very pretty show farm with numerous lavender plants.  There was not much to do there other than to admire the plants but it was a very serene and beautiful spot.

We visited this beautiful Lavender farm one afternoon
The Lavender Farm was really pretty.
The Lavender Farm was Instagram-worthy.

The Lavender farm closed at five and there really isn’t much to do on the island after dark except for a couple of bars.  Cell coverage is also very spotty so we ended up outside the only public library on the island.  They had free wifi and although the library was closed there were several people sitting out in front of the library using their wifi.  This must be very common since the library had picnic tables and chairs outside the library.  The wifi wasn’t great but since the cell service was terrible you take what you can get.  Washington Island really is for those that want to disconnect and get away from it all.  Afterwards we found a parking lot to spend the night.

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