July 9-10, 2021 Peninsula State Park

We went to check out the rest of the attractions on Washington Island.  There was a tower that was supposed to have spectacular views of the entire island but it was closed for remodeling.  We went to the Sand Dunes beach and it was a beach with a few small sand dunes.  Red Barn park did indeed had a red barn and a small playground but no people.  We looked up a boat tour but it actually left from the mainland.  Oh well, might as well continue on so we took the ferry back to the mainland and returned to Peninsula State park. 

The ferry boat wasn’t big but it was plenty big for Rover.

This time instead of paying $13 for park entry and $25 for a campsite we realized that we could just pay the $13 for park entry and use the showers and dump station without paying for a campsite.  We showered, dumped and then since Holly and Olivia had such a good time bicycling we all rented bicycles for a couple hours and biked the sunset trail.  It was a cool, sunny day, perfect for bicycling through the woods and trails.

The Eagle’s Nest lookout platform was spectacular.
It was a lovely warm, sunny day for a bike ride and the trails were easy and fun.
There were a number of nice beaches in Door County

After that we drove down to Sturgeon Bay and spent the night at Walmart.

The next day was Saturday and we generally like to go opposites, chilling on the weekends and going to attractions on the weekdays when there are less crowds.  Olivia’s birthday was coming up and Holly wanted to get a new pretty dress for her to wear on her birthday.  After searching on the internet Holly found a small dress store in Oshkosh, about an hour and a half drive away.  Normally it would be a bit extreme to drive an hour and a half to buy a dress but since it was the direction we were going anyway it was not a big deal for us.  So we drove to the dress shop and they got a dress.  After that we just went to the nearest Walmart to spend the night.

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