July 11-14, 2021 Birthday!

For Olivia’s birthday we spent the entire day at Menominee Park.  This is a nice large park in Oshkosh on the shores of lake Winnebago.  The weather was great again and there were lots of kids at the playground so Olivia had a great day playing.  There was even a small zoo there that was free.  I cooked Olivia’s favorite meal and she spent quite a bit of time video chatting with her friends from California.  We had a small birthday cake that was perfect for the three of us. 

Menominee Park had a really nice playground.
The park was lovely and even had a small zoo that was free.
Olivia was a Princess that day
Olivia’s favorite meal is my Instant Pot Chicken stew.
I cooked Olivia’s favorite meal in the Instant Pot at the park

The next day we drove to the nearby Fond Du Lac where we parked by the lakeshore next to the Fond Du Lac lighthouse.  We spent another chill day just hanging out, and doing homeschooling.

There was a nearby lighthouse.

The day after that we drove to the Kettle Moraine State Park where we used our newfound knowledge to just pay the entrance fee to use the showers, RV dump and refill our water.  The weather forecast predicted a strong storm with high winds and damaging hail so we hightailed it south, driving for 3 hours to the outskirts of Chicago where we crashed for the night at a Cracker Barrel.

Although we dodged the worst of the storm it was still a rainy day so we spent the next day just hanging out at a Barnes and Noble. We read books, researched Chicago attractions, did homeschooling and basically spent another chill day, nice and dry while it rained outside.

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