July 20-21, 2021 Hurricane Harbor

Food choices at the Six Flags waterparks are not as good as the main Six Flags amusement parks so we went to the main Six Flags to get an Italian Beef sandwich for lunch.  It was nowhere as good as Al’s Italian Beef but then again it didn’t cost us anything either. 

The Six Flags Chicago had unique food items such as this Italian Sandwich.

The Hurricane Harbor proved to be a disappointment.  Even though it was a Tuesday it was full of people and the lines were longer because many of the attractions were closed and the food stands were understaffed.  Even the lazy river was closed.  How can you have a waterpark without a lazy river?  It took a good hour to get on a slide and a half hour to get an ice cream.  Food stands that should have five or six staff had two or three half trained, unmotivated teenagers. In addition, the waterpark closed at 5:00 PM when sunset didn’t arrive until after 8. 

It is great we are able to go when it is less crowded.
We need a bigger girl!
The Six Flags waterpark had a cool shark

Leora and her daughters arrived at the waterpark about a half hour before closing, which I guess didn’t matter since they are members too so they don’t have to pay individual day park admission.  After the waterpark closed we all went to the main Six Flags which was open until 9:00 PM.  The girls had a great time again just hanging out, going on rides and eating junk food.  We found out that Lenora generally likes to go out in the evenings when it is cooler.  It had been quite warm and humid lately.  We needed to do some shopping so we planned a mall day for the next day but arranged to meet Lenora at Six Flags again the next evening.  We closed down the park again with security shooing us out of the park at 10 pm before heading back to the Cracker Barrel for the night.

The next day we went to the nearby Gurnee Mills Mall which turned out to be quite a large mall.  There we got some new shoes as both Holly and my shoes were worn out and broken.  We spent cooler morning doing homeschooling and the afternoon shopping and wandering around the mall.  That night we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  After two days of amusement park junk food it was nice getting some real food like steak.  Hamburgers, fries, sandwiches and turkey legs will fill you up but is not very satisfying in the long run.

After dinner, we returned to the Six Flags and met up with Leora and her girls at the food court.  Our meal plan allows for two meals and a snack per person.  We had already eaten dinner so we used our credits to get six turkey legs and three small salads which we put together for a large salad to go.  We would take the meat off the turkey legs and freeze them for future meals.  Figure that a Turkey leg at any restaurant outside would cost about $10 each so we would be taking home $60 in turkey legs alone.  The girls went on a few rides too.  That last half hour before closing is actually a pretty good time to be in the park since it is cooler and many of the people have left so the lines are short.  For the last ride of the night, the operator even ran the ride twice in a row providing a double ride.

Three days of Six Flags was enough so we arranged to meet Leora and the girls the next day at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  We closed the park again before going back to the Cracker Barrel again.





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