July 25-26, 2021 Goodbye to Chicago

Ten days in and around Chicago had passed so fast and it was time for us to move on.  We had run out of fresh water in our tanks so we couldn’t even brush our teeth. It was definitely time to go somewhere to refresh.  However, before leaving we had to get one more Chicago deep dish pizza and fortunately there was a Giordano’s just a few blocks from where we were parked. 

We walked over the Giordano’s and arrive a bit after 11:30 am so there were few people in the restaurant.  We ordered another Meat and More Meat pizza again along with the Chopped Salad and it was as good as the first time.  This confirmed that did not like Chicago deep dish pizza, but that we specifically liked Giordano’s Chicago deep dish pizza. 

One last deep dish pizza!

Sated, we walked back to Rover, stopping by a Target along the way to pick up a few groceries, a gallon of drinking water so we could have some fresh water to use and a Razor push scooter for Olivia.  She had asked for one for her birthday but the Walmart did not have a good selection.  Target stocked some better scooters so we got her an A5 Lux.

Bye Bye Chicago!

Our plan was to camp for the night at the Indiana Dunes National Park campground but when we arrived it was full.  However when we asked the ranger said we could dump and fill water for free.  Score!  Instead of paying for a campsite we really didn’t need we were able to clean up, refill and dump for free.  We looked on our trusty iOverlander and went to the nearby Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City where we had one of their remote parking lots entirely to ourselves.  We spent a very quiet night with only the Casino security vehicle driving by a few times.

The next day was Monday and we had been doing minimal homeschooling in Chicago since we were out having fun every day so we spent the entire day at the Blue Chip Casino catching up on homeschooling and generally resting.  Chicago and Six Flags was fun but boy was it a lot of walking!  The casino didn’t mind as everyone was parking closer to the casino and our parking lot was completely empty all day. Near the end of the day we drove a bit down the road to the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan.  iOverlander indicated that this casino had dedicated free RV parking spots along with free coffee and sodas so it was worth checking out.  The Four Winds Casino did indeed have all of those things but unfortunately also Semi-trucks which idled their engines so it was not nearly as quiet as the Blue Chip.





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