July 30-31, 2021 Grand Rapids

We were planning on moving along today but I got a call in the morning from the manager of the local Coachmen factory. He wanted to see me and since we were still at the Coachmen campground he just came to us.  He apologized for the problems on the tour and offered to personally give me another tour of the facilities later that afternoon and I accepted.  So instead of leaving we just stayed and did another day of homeschooling. 

That afternoon he picked me up and we went on the tour again, visiting some additional buildings.  We He introduced me to some of the supervisors and plant managers.  Being the factory manager he was much more knowledgeable about the Coachmen factory and products.  We discussed the current manufacturing difficulties and he seemed very committed to doing the best he could to produce the best product possible. 

The next morning it was finally time to continue on and we wanted to explore more of Michigan so we started heading up towards Grand Haven, MI.  As we were driving Holly was homeschooling Olivia and they hit a lesson about the planets.  We just happened to be nearby the Grand Rapids Public Museum so I pulled off and we went there instead.  The museum was part of the ASTC museum membership so we didn’t have to pay for tickets so why not.  Unfortunately the museum’s astronomy section was tiny so it was not too useful for the lesson but they had an excellent insect exhibit. 

The Grand Rapids Science Museum was small, but cute.
We love going to museums now since we get free admission with our pass.

As we exited the museum we saw a bunch of people riding rented electric push scooters and we decided to give it a try.  We grabbed three Lime scooters and spent twenty minutes scooting around the riverfront area and it was a lot of fun.  After that we it was getting late so we drove a bit more to a local Walmart for the night.

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