August 11-12, 2021 Pirate Attack!

The morning dawned warm and humid and it was a good thing we had external electricity because we were able to turn on the AC and have a lazy morning doing homeschooling, not leaving until well after lunch.  It was off and on storming still and I took the opportunity during one of the breaks in the storm to dump and fill water but the rain caught me a bit at the end.  We continued east stopping for dinner in Cleveland.  The weather was still off and on storming and there wasn’t anything too compelling about Cleveland other than a small Asia town so all we did was stop for dinner at a Chinese restaurant before we found a Walmart to stay the night.

The first and sometimes only place we go in a new city is Chinatown!

Olivia had been missing playing on her scooter so we went to the local skate park in Eire.  The skate park was in the bad part of town and the entire skating area was covered in graffiti but a few local kids were skating so we felt safe enough for Olivia to skate for about an hour in the early afternoon.  A friend of ours had recommended the Scalawags Pirate boat cruise in Eire so I booked us a 5:00 pm cruise for $20 a person. 

The skate park was dirty and filled with graffiti so we did not stay long.

Olivia had a lot of fun on the pirate cruise.  While the crew were not as entertaining as the Pirate boat in South Padre Island, this boat had mounted water cannon on the side of the ship and one of the staff came out a couple times in a smaller skiff and there were ship-to-ship water gun fights.  Olivia even got to steer the boat for a while.

Olivia loves pirate cruises
The pirate cruise had some ship to shore combat
It also had ship to ship combat
Olivia got to pilot the boat for a while.

We had driven almost 6,000 miles since we left Texas and it was time to get our tires rotated.  After the cruise I looked online to find the nearest Discount Tire location to get our free tire rotation and found that there were no Discount Tire locations in the entire north eastern United States.  Not a one.  The closest Discount Tire was near Cleveland an hour drive back west.  Doh! Well at least I caught it before going further east. I considered just paying a local tire place to rotate our tires but I wanted to do it at Discount Tire because it was free and because I wanted to make sure they had a record of our tire rotation to preserve our tire warranty.  I made an appointment for early the next morning and we drove an hour back to the outskirts of Cleveland pretty much were we started in that morning.

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