August 15-17, 2021 Waiting in Buffalo

We normally go to Six Flags for two days as that is how long we can stand park food.  A couple of days of hamburgers, chicken fingers and other assorted junk food is OK but more than that is too much.  I took Olivia to the park and waterpark while Holly got some rest in Rover.  This time we made sure to get to the showers early so Olivia could rinse off.  As the day ended, I checked the Covid testing website to discover they had not even received our test.  It seems I have made a mistake.  We took our test on Saturday and then it has to be mailed to a testing lab and the testing lab takes 24-48 hours to do the test.  Since we took the test on Saturday the lab would not even get our samples until 48 hours later on Monday.  This would most likely kick us out of the 72 hour requirement for entering into Canada.  Oh well, guess we will have to try again.  It is a good thing that we are not on any particular schedule to get into Canada.  Covid cases in the US have been increasing quite alarmingly and we are worried that Canada might close its borders again so it would be best to get through as soon as we can.  We returned to the Camping World near Buffalo for the evening.

The next morning I was able to find a CVS which had PCR Covid test appointments available for Wednesday the 18th so I made appointments for all three of us.  We had a pretty busy couple days at Six Flags and it was Monday so we went to the local Barnes and Noble for the day to chill out and do homeschooling.

On Tuesday Olivia asked to ride her scooter so we went to a local skate park for the morning before going to a laundromat to wash clothes.  Even living a carefree, nomadic life we still have to do our regular house chores.  Looking at the news about rising Covid rates in the US we felt a greater urgency to get into Canada since the vaccination rates in Canada were much higher and the Covid infection rates were much lower.  It was possible that Canada might close its borders to Americans again.

While we waited for our Covid test result we took Olivia to the skate park in Buffalo.





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