August 26-27, 2021 We go to the Big Apple!

We were on our way north to Montreal but we saw a Giant Apple along the highway and just had to stop there for lunch. 

We could not resist stopping when we saw this Big Apple from the freeway.

The Big Apple Farm is an apple themed store and restaurant with some extra amusements such as a petting zoo, a small mini-golf course and a few kiddie rides.  They make their apple pies on site and we had a nice time wandering the grounds and taking pictures.

Of course the specialty at the Big Apple was apple pies.
We love to go to unique roadside attractions.

After lunch we drove some more before stopping by the Lake Ontario Park in Kingston for a break and some homeschooling before going to a nearby Walmart for the night.

The next morning we went to Fort Henry in Kingston.  Built by the British in 1832 it guarded Kingston from American invasion and is now a National Historical site.  Staffed by friendly young people dressed in period British army costumes we learned about life at the fort and saw a cannon and rifle shooting demonstration.  Holly was particularly amazed to learn that Canada had been invaded by Americans.  This was not surprising since as the War of 1812 is probably not very relevant to schools in China.  We also learned interesting facts like to be an officer in the British military you had to buy your rank and that they had to serve perfectly for 14 years before being eligible to marry as only 6% of the enlisted men were allowed to be married. 

Yet another educational day accomplished we drove a bit further to the Shorelines Casino in Ganaoque to spend the night.





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