August 30-31, 2021 Montreal

It was Monday so we spent most of the day homeschooling.  We discovered that Michael’s Art supply stores have decent internet that can be accessed from the parking lot so we pretty much spent the entire day parked in front of Michael’s. In the US our T-Mobile Magenta plan normally gives us 50 GB of high speed data on each of our phones and 40 GB of high speed hotspot data but in Canada that has been drastically cut to 5 GB and after that we only 256 Kb/s speeds so going on the internet has been slow.  Having decent internet allowed us to surf the internet, upload videos, download Netflix and Disney+ shows.  Netflix Canada seems to have a number of different movies that are not available in the United States such as Shazam, Mortal Engines, etc.  Cruella just became available on Disney so it was nice to be able to download that as well.

After a morning homeschooling and using the internet we went to a local skate park for Olivia to get some exercise before heading to a local free public swimming pool for a swim. 

Montreal had a pretty nice skate park

Canada was taking Covid seriously so there was strictly limited capacity though so only Olivia was able to get in.  This was fine since Olivia can swim, there were lifeguards so we just waited for her in Rover.  Score, free babysitting!  When she came out though we found out that they had shut down the showers at the pool due to Covid.  This was kind of silly since people are supposed to shower before entering the pool and would need to shower afterwards. We ended up driving to another swimming pool where we were all able to go into the pool and shower afterwards before heading back to the Walmart for the night.

The next day we went to the Marche Atwater market, one of those fancy markets but we found it to be smaller and not as cool as the Saint Lawrence Market in Toronto.  After a short stop we had lunch at the Greenspot Restaurant, a classic Montreal Diner that has been around since 1947.  There we tried The 3 Little Pigs Poutine which had hot dogs, pork and beef sausages and Kamatzel Sausages with cheese and gravy over French Fries.  It was pretty darn good, not sure why in the US the only thing we top fries with are Chili and Cheese.

The Marche Atwater Market was nice but not as nice as the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.

We found a parking lot along the St. Lawrence River on iOverlander so for a change of pace we went there for the night.  This was a great spot since it was right along the river and next to a playground.





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