Sept 5-7, 2021 Travelling across New Brunswick

The season was turning fast so it was time to move on.  We needed to get going to Mocton, New Brunswick which is about an 8 hour drive away and even though the seasons wait for no one we didn’t have to hurry too much so we would take a few days to get there.  We are keeping a close eye on the fall colors but it seems that it will hit around the end of September.  We cleaned up, dumped and reloaded water and of course by that time we were only able to drive for a couple of hours before stopping.

The next day was Monday so we had to do homeschooling so we were only able to get to Edmundston.  As we left the province of Quebec and entered New Brunswick, the road signs changed from French to English and French which was a relief.  New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual Canadian province so everything is in both languages.  We stopped by a Boston Pizza restaurant which is a Canadian chain of restaurants started by a Greek immigrant serving American food.

On our third day of driving we made a quick pit stop in Florenceville-Bristol which claims to be the French Fry capital of the world to visit the Potato World museum.  The museum is small and I am not really sure how a tiny town like Florenceville-Bristol got the gumption to name itself the French Fry capital of the world.  Olivia did learn a few things though.  I had stayed in Rover to have a rest while Holly and Olivia went to the museum.  When she got out of the museum Olivia proudly asked “Do you know that the original potato came from Lake Titicaca in South America?”  Holly was interested to learn that the leaves of the potato plant are poisonous.  Yay roadschooling!  They even brought me back some curly fries which were very good and made from fresh potatoes.

Who knew there is a museum to the humble Potato?
This is a great example of our world schooling. Stumbling upon a Potato museum counts as a school day!

We got as far as Fredericton before it got dark and we happened to stumble upon a small city fair which precluded us from driving further since we just had to catch the high fall show.  Olivia even got to participate, although not as a jumper. 

We happen upon many fun things in our travels such as this little city faire
The faire was free and had a cool little high dive act.





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