Sept 8-10, 2021 Tidal Bore and Giant Lobsters!

We got up extra early because we wanted to see the tidal bore in Moncton.  A tidal bore is when a tide pushes water up a river, reversing the course of the river.  The Petitcodiac River runs from the Bay of Fundy past Moncton and creates a tidal bore so strong that you can surf on it.  We got to Bore View Park in Moncton just in time to see the wave come up the river along with a surfer.  Soon the river reversed its course and within a few hours rose over 20 feet to completely fill the riverbed, still flowing upstream. 

When the tide is out the river is very low
When the tide is high the river is completely full.

Afterwards we returned to rover and watched Youtube videos about tides and tidal bores.  Some more homeschooling and it was time to head to Walmart for the night.

The next day we went to Shediac to go on the Shediac Bay Lobster Tales Cruise.  Shediac is the self-proclaimed lobster capital of the world although I don’t know if Maine will agree.  The cruise was a very entertaining, informative and delicious trip, although a bit on the pricey side at CAD$80 a person.  It was perfect weather as we sailed out on onto the bay and Olivia got to help pull up a couple of real lobster traps with live lobsters in them.  The captain then gave a little lesson about lobsters such as how to tell the difference between a male and female lobster (the female has a wider tail) followed by the correct way of eating a lobster.  If you do it right it is really very easy to get all the meat out of the lobster.  Then finally it was our turn and everyone got a lobster, bread, potato salad and coleslaw.  Olivia hates seafood so we had planned ahead and brought a sandwich for her and Holly and I got to a lobster and a half.  They did have option to have chicken instead but it would have been really silly to pay that much for chicken.  There was even another girl the same age of Olivia on the boat and they immediately became fast friends.

Shediac Bay is the self proclaimed lobster capital of the world.
The captain was funny and informative.
The captain gave a very educational lecture on lobsters.
Can’t beat eating lobster on a lobster boat!

Afterwards we went to the world’s largest lobster statue.  At over 10 meters long and weighing in at 50 tons it was an impressive lobster fit to feed King Kong.   We had a lot of fun climbing all over the lobster before heading back to Moncton where we had time for an oil change before we found a Petro Canada truck stop that had decent wifi that we could use from the parking lot.  Once we found that it was game over for the rest of the day as we settled in to dive into our various electronic devices.  There was even a casino next to the Petro Canada that allowed overnight camping so we had a very nice quiet night.

World’s largest lobster statue
Attack of the 18 ton Lobster!

We have a Youtube video of our trip on the Sediac Bay Lobster Cruise. You can see it at here:

The next morning we went right back to the Petro Canada to use some more of the glorious internet.  With only 5 GB of data our phones were just not providing enough data as we would normally use our entire 50 GB allotment in the United States.  Holly even put together some of the footage we had taken in Niagara Falls and made a Youtube video using her phone.  It was a rainy day so we spent the entire day parked at the Petro Canada parking lot doing homeschooling, downloading videos, uploading our first youtube video and basically resting.  We wanted to visit Prince Edward Island (PEI) and they had a Covid requirement to apply for a pass to get on the island.  I applied for the pass but upon further research I discovered that unlike the ArriveCan pass that we had to do to enter Canada and was approved instantly the PEI pass could take 7-9 days to approve.  Instead, we will head to Nova Scotia first and if the PEI pass get approved later we can think about going then.

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