Sept 15-17, 2021 Travelling

Our destination was Halifax, about a 3 hour drive.  We took the entire day to get there between our usual late start and a long stopover at the Fundy Discovery site again.  Can’t stress enough the joys of a great playground and excellent free Wifi.  We eventually reached a Walmart on the suburbs of Halifax where we spent the night.

We probably visited the Fundy Discovery Site more times than any other place in Canada.

We had been driving a lot in the last few days so spent the next day cleaning up, doing homeschooling, hanging out outside a local Starbucks and just generally chilling out.  As a treat we went to a local all you can eat sushi restaurant named Mizu which happened to be the same name as one of our favorite restaurants in Sacramento.  To mix it up we went to a Bass Pro Shop to spend the night. We spent a third day chilling and resting before heading into Halifax proper.  By the cruise line terminals there is a parking lot that is free on weekends so we headed there on Friday night after the paid time ended to spend the night.





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