Oct 22-24, 2021 Statue of Liberty!

We returned to New York once again, this time we walked down to Battery Park where we got tickets to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  It was a nice short boat ride to Liberty Island where we joined a short ranger led talk before having lunch.  After lunch, we went to the Statue of Liberty Museum, which had some very nice exhibits including the original Liberty Torch, and before we knew it was past 3 PM.  We had to rush a bit to go around the island to see the actual Statue of Liberty before catching the 4:30 ferry.  We did not even have time to visit Ellis Island although it was not a big deal for us since Asian immigrants came through Angel Island in San Francisco and not Ellis Island.

Back in Manhattan we went to a cute sea themed Sea Glass Carousel before going to see the Wall Street Charging Bull.  There we found two lines of people.  One line was for people waiting to take their pictures at the head of the bull, the other line was for people waiting to take their pictures with the bull’s butt.  Not sure why people wanted to take pictures with the bull’s butt and it was kind of strange to see grown men laying under the bull, stroking its big brass balls.

The Sea Glass Carousel was a cool fish themed carousel

We went in the line for the bull’s head and got some pictures with Olivia on the bull before walking back to Chinatown to meet my Aunt and Uncle who took us out to dinner again.  They have been working in Chinatown for forty years so when we got to the restaurant which had a line outside so long that people were giving up, we walked right past the line to a special reserved table for us with the manager and waiters greeting my Aunt and Uncle by name.  The food and service was excellent of course.

Over the weekend we did not go out and stayed at my Aunt’s house visiting with them along with my cousins.  I had not really had much time to visit with my cousins since we had been going out to tour New York so it was nice to just stay in and get to know my cousins more.

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